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"We are justifiably proud of our Himalayan cove of national treasures, that includes not just some of the world’s highest mountains, rugged high wilderness and pristine natural settings, but multi-cultural bonds forged throughout the crossroads of Asian history, where South, Central and East Asia met and survived - a secret half-forgotten world that continues to inspires us."


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Classic Himalayan Trekking

"With so much trekking routes to do, Nepal certainly lives up to her name of ‘Trekker’s Paradise’. The Classic trekking holidays are just as popular today as when they were first traversed by the early pioneers. The Everest Base Camp Trek, the Annapurna Circuit, the Annapurna Sanctuary and the Langtang Valley Trek are iconic, holding a special place in the hearts, and legs, of every traveller to the Himalaya. Here are our lists of classic treks.

Gentle walks & treks

"You don’t have to be a seasoned hiker to enjoy the Himalaya. Our collection of gentle treks, forgivable altitude and slow pace walks let you enjoy your trekking holidays just the same, if not with more luxury and comforts. Use them as your introduction to the Himalaya and discover forgotten traits in you. Explore your adventure.

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"Let the Himalaya inspire you"

Why trek with Trekalayan?


Responsible Travellers

We are fully aware that the road to a sustainable and responsible tourism is a long journey, as we commit to our role as the conservators of the Himalaya. The Himalaya, foremost, is our home and not just a source of our business. Supporting local communities, protecting the Himalayan environment and wildlife is not just our responsibility, but an act to preserve our home.


Trek like a lion

Nepal is beautiful, but at times can be chaotic, and mostly at times when you are in need. Let us handle all the nitty gritty while you experience the best of Nepal, with ease of mind, knowing that you have the acquaintance of your own personalized, local support team, and their assistance, 24/7. All you have to do is bring in one healthy dose of adventure spirit.


The dream team network

Working in the Himalaya can be challenging, often unpredictable with ever-changing weather conditions and mountain environments. At Trekalayan, we stay connected with our local partners and communities to stay ahead of any unforeseeable impacts, so that your health and your holiday are not at risk.


Our field experts

Our local leaders are more than just someone who ensure you don’t get lost in the trail, as Nepalese experts they commit to carry keen knowledge of the trails, the culture and the places we visit. The stories and insights they love to share ranges from experienced advices to delightful anecdotes, all shared with an ever-present charming smile.

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