Everything is big in the Himalaya, including your customized trip


Customize your trip to the Himalaya

The Himalaya inspires us. Freedom, Independent, Alive, Accomplishment – are just few words often used by travellers and trekkers to this wild and barely populated wonderland, to exuberantly narrate their experiences. Why not use the same philosophy (reasoning/thinking) to consider a custom-made itinerary personalised especially for you? It's your adventure so why not make it YOUR adventure?

Our comprehensive itineraries are just the beginning, for you have the choice to alter them to your requirements, schedule, interests and needs. Or alternatively, start with a blank canvas and create a custom-made adventure from scratch. Have a special discovery in mind? Or perhaps you’d like to delve deeper into particular culture, neighbourhood and interests that lures the explorer in you. The form below helps us to know the adventurer in you a little better. Share us your ideas and parameters. Let’s work together to design YOUR adventure.

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