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We offer selections of great walks and treks around the captivating Himalaya, knowing well enough that the Great Mountain range has something to offer for everyone - from seasoned veterans looking for the next challenge to beginners wanting to experience the Himalaya. All you need are certain level of fitness, familiarity with hillwalking and being out on the mountains, and a dose of ‘Trek like a lion’ spirit.

Interestingly in the Himalaya, the distances or miles covered, are often overlooked in consideration to the ups and downs, the gaining/dropping of altitudes at short intervals, that more so affects the physiology and performances. Most of our walks are on easy pathways and stone steps, and at the higher altitudes one may need to negotiate over boulders and rocks strewn path across glacial moraines. We will not be requiring any special mountaineering or rock-climbing skills and equipment. During the trek we only need to carry a light day-pack, for our main luggage will be portered between overnight stops at accommodations involving from super-comfort to simple lodges and teahouses with basic amenities. 

“It's quite something to greet the day in a village on a ridgeline in the middle hills of the Himalaya and look across a valley to the neighbouring village and know it will take most of the day to reach it, plunging thousands of feet down to the river below in the shadow of morning and then labouring up the opposite slope in the hot afternoon sun.” - Ed Douglas, Himalaya A Human History.


These high-altitude trips require considerable physical challenges and some level of technical understandings. Ice axe, crampons, safety ropes and helmets may be used to navigate across demanding hard days on trek, and may include having to overnight on camp sites above the snow lines. 

Suitable for those with substantial experiences in the high mountain environments.   


Typically involving 10-30 days of mountain treks, our strenuous holidays take fit individuals to above 4,500m/15,000ft, and often onto ‘off-the-beaten' remote areas and over high Himalayan passes. Expect full day treks involving series of great ascents and descents. 

Suitable for those with comprehensive mountain walking experiences and of course, do not forget to pack in one healthy dose of what Sir John Hunt, the leader of the successful 1953 British Everest Expedition, would call ‘the Excelsior Spirit’.     


Our challenging trekking holidays are what could be consider as the ‘classic adventure’. Involving 6-8 hours of walking over a period of 10-14 days, these holidays let us take in the best of the Himalaya with suitable time to wind down and relax in the evenings. Mountain passes, ascents over peaks, navigating across glacial trails and moraines, deep forests and yak pastures, are all covered for that classic spirit of adventure. 

Enthusiastic adventurers, explorers and mountain walkers will find these holidays designed and personalised for them.  


“Can we trek in the Himalaya without undue acclimatisation concerns?” are just what our moderate trekking holidays are designed to address. Though walking to relatively low altitudes, no higher than 4,300m/14,000ft, the holiday will journey to remote country and mountain passes with spectacular panoramas of the Great Himalaya on offer.


Light walkers and beginners are seldom put off by the stories of epic heroism required in the Himalaya. Of course, these are all man-made provisions. The Great Mountains, on the other hand, will welcome anyone who seeks to stretch their legs and enjoy their days in the high outdoor. With easy walks on relatively low altitudes for around 4-6 hours, though some ascent and descent should be anticipated, our Gentle trekking holidays offer perfect introduction to the Himalaya of Nepal and her famous trekking culture.


Our light holidays have short, easy-paced, walks that allows ample time to enjoy and explore the natural trails and cultural sites on offer. We spend our days with leisurely sightseeing programs - visiting local villages, exploring temples and religious sites, birdwatching, and hiking to vantage points.

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