Trekalayan DestinAsians: Your proud host to the Himalaya

Conveniently based in Kathmandu, right on the laps of the Himalaya, our love for the majestic mountain range is, no doubt, deeply rooted. Narratives of historical mountaineers, folklores of brave adventurers and chronologies of mountaineering achievements are hard to ignore in the Himalayan country of Nepal.
To say, Trekalayan DestinAsians was formed subsequently, after rejecting conventional careers and choosing to make livings from the love of our life, may sound paradoxical since the mountains are the conventional careers in the Himalaya. Our love for this uniquely diverse country and her pockets of isolated communities and cultures, continue to inspire us and our business. With a strong passion for adventure travel inherent in our belief, we love creating authentic, sustainable travel experiences and make challenging destinations accessible to every travel enthusiast and adventurers. We are honoured to engage in our role as the proud host to our nation’s pride, the majestic Himalaya.

Our Passion: The Place and the People

At Trekalayan DestinAsians, we are invested in the Himalaya because we live there. Our passion for the area and the secrets it holds of untouched wilderness, ancient cultures and humble local communities is what convinced us that more people need to experience this unique world for themselves. By promoting these often harsh, but breathtakingly beautiful, remote regions we hope to advocate for nature conservations and cultural preservations of the areas, and in doing so, we aspire to enrich the lives of the communities and the places we visit.
Building on our experience, we are a team that deeply understand the spirit of adventure and thrills of explorations. We love talking with like-minded travellers, follow their experiences and hear their expectations. Simply, our clients are our fellow adventurers, not tourist. With so much great trekking routes to do in Nepal, let us share the Himalaya with you and help find you an adventure that will become a lifelong memory. Or better yet, a memory that will remain a lifelong adventure that never cease to inspire the explorer in you.

Trekking Responsibly: A long journey of commitments

It’s no secret that the Himalaya has witness noticeable impacts of climate change over the years. From retreating glaciers and melting permafrost, to erratic and disruptive weather patterns, the ‘roof of the world’ is now, ever more than before, vulnerable and threatening to disrupt the lives of millions, from Myanmar in the east to Afghanistan in the west. In Nepal alone, we have had increasing reports of rising air temperatures, increase in summer monsoon, decrease in winter westerlies and snow falls, and disruptions in agriculture productions and clean water sources. Similarly, wildlife that were previously seen only at lower altitudes and warmer climates have been observed higher up the region, threatening the Himalayan eco-system. Likewise, studies have found the migratory patterns of birds across the Great Trans-Himalaya to be getting shorter with severe effects to their breeding season.
At Trekalayan, we are fully aware that the road to a sustainable and responsible tourism is a long journey, as we take on our role as the conservators of the Himalaya. We are committed to ensure that all our treks cause minimal negative impacts to the environment and wildlife, and that we act responsibly towards tourist sites, heritages and local cultures. Within our office, our partners and our team we look for responsible practices and engagements in initiatives to preserve the beautiful and fragile places we visit. Of course, our treks would not be complete without the supports of the local communities and conservation groups along the trekking routes. The pathway to sustainability always begins with the enrichment of the local people who are the real custodians of the tourist sites and wildlife we visit. The Himalaya are not just a source of our business, or another exotic destination to sell. It is foremost our home.

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