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Please make sure that your passport has validity for six months beyond the arrival date in Nepal. We recommend that you keep a photocopy of your passport separately from the original, or even store a photo in your electronic device, just in case the original is lost while you are travelling. It is important to note that Nepal does not recognise dual-nationality. Always travel and document your stay with one passport only.   


Most of our tours require a 30-day tourist visa to travel in Nepal. To secure the visa a proof of a return ticket, and a proof that you have sufficient money to support your stay in Nepal has to be provided. The visa can be obtained at your local Nepalese Embassy or Nepalese Diplomatic Mission, and on arrival at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport or border entry points. We recommend that you secure your visa before departure as this will ensure you have no problems at immigration, as well as speed up the process of clearing immigration where queues of tourist can be found, during peak tourist season, applying for their on-arrival visa. You will need one passport-size photo with a light background and one blank visa page on your passport. Certain nationalities must apply in advance for a visa, so please check with the Nepalese Embassy or Diplomatic Missions in your respective countries. The visa will remain valid for only six months from the date of issuance, so make sure that you do not send in your application too early. 

The 30-day tourist visa carries a fee of UD$ 50.00, and the shorter 15-day tourist visa cost US$ 30.00. Please double check that you have the correct days while applying for your visa. Tourist visas are extended for minimum 15 days at US$ 30.00 and US$ 3.00 per day after that. Overstaying your visa is taken very seriously, and can result in your being detained or not allowed to leave the country without paying a fine. 


If you are planning to apply for your tourist visa online, the application must be submitted within the 15 days prior to your date of arrival in Nepal. The online application will become invalid after 15 days, by which a new application must be submitted. Once you’ve submitted the form, print out the confirmation receipt and show this to the Immigration officer upon arrival along with your passport and the proper amount to pay for your visa.  

Online Applications can be made at 


At the arrival’s hall, you will find electronic kiosks machines that read your passport, take your photo, and prints out a completed form. Take your completed form to the payment counter where you'll pay for your visa, and then head to the immigration line for "Visa on Arrival". 


    • We advise that you carry the correct visa fee and a passport photo with you, as the different payment modes at the visa fees collection counter can malfunction or be unavailable.   
    • Bring extra 4-5 passport-size photos and photocopies of your passport as they may come in handy for official documents and purchasing sim cards. 
    • If you plan on arranging an on-arrival visa, fill up your visa form online prior to your arrival as there are limited number of electronic kiosks.   

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