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When you travel with us, we want you to experience the Himalaya you have dreamed of. Your inspirations and interests help us on planning your visit, and to help us do that we may need to request you to share a little personal information. We only collect information that we need for the specific purpose of organising a holiday, we keep it secure, we only hold as much as we need and only for as long as we need. We know how important it is to keep your personal information safe, and we will always be open with you about how we collect and keep it.  

As we place a high premium on the privacy of every client, we recommend you read this Policy thoroughly so that you are aware and have understandings as to (i) the type of Personal Information we may process (ii) how the Personal Information may be collected (iii) the grounds on which we may share the Personal Information with third parties.  


By engaging with Trekalayan DestinAsians Pvt. Ltd. via electronic mail, continuing to use our website and submitting your personal details on our website and social media pages, or accessing or using our services you acknowledge that you have read this Policy and consent to the processing of your Personal Information as provided for herein below. 

What personal information do we collect? 

We collect personal information to enable us to provide tour operation services to you and also to promote our services. This information includes personal details such as names, physical address, email address, and, if you travel with us, your age group, your telephone and mobile number, your passport details, your travel insurance arrangements, emergency contacts, dietary preferences, and physical and mental health information. We collect the mentioned sensitive Personal Information so that we can plan your trip or recommend trips around any special requirement you might have. We may need to ask for your explicit consent in order to process this information. We keep this data on a secured database which can only be accessed by the authorised staff members of Trekalayan DestinAsians who have a legitimate reason for using this data for the purpose of organising and running your holiday.   

How do we collect and process personal information?  

You are asked to submit your name, information about your geographical location, and email address, with your permission, when you submit an enquiry, an itinerary request and E-newsletter sign up. We will use this information so that we can provide you with the services you have requested or contact you if you have indicated you want to hear from us. 

When requesting a customized itinerary, you will be asked to submit your name (the party leader only), your country, number of participants, email address, area of interest and any special requirements and interests you would like to incorporate in your holiday. We use your Personal Information to help us better understand to find the right destination for you and respond to your enquiries and requests. 

When completing a holiday booking form, you will be asked to submit your name, gender, date of birth, physical address, email address, telephone number and any preferences such as dietary and other requirements. Your passport information is optional at this stage. This will also include details of any other friends or family who are accompanying you as part of your party. Please make sure you have obtained consent from your party member to do this. Please also share them about this privacy policy and give them our contact details if they have any queries. 

Where you are a regular customer, we may retain some of this personal information so that we can use it when you next book with us as we have legitimate interest to improve our customer journey and ensure we look after our regular customers. 

As the organisation of your holiday progresses, we will ask you to submit and email us a scanned copy of your passport detail that includes your nationality, issue date and expiry date along with your names and passport number. We will ask you to provide us with the details of your inbound and outbound international flights, and ask you to submit the name of your travel insurance provider, their physical and email address, and their 24-hour emergency contact number.  

On return from your holiday, we will ask you to complete a feedback form. The form will help us to gain insight into your experiences, to ensure your holiday has met your expectation, and to analyse and make improvement to our services where/if required. 

You are also given the option to ‘subscribe’ to receive our email newsletter in our forms and to be added to our mailing list to receive future brochures, newsletter and promotional emails. 

Your personal information will be used for the purpose of providing you with our travel services and holiday logistics. By entering your Personal Information, you allow us your consent to provide you with the services you select. 

Who do we share the information? 

We share Personal Information among our staff for the purposes of the organisation of a holiday and with a strict need to know basis. We take all reasonable safeguards to keep your Personal Information as secure as is possible. All our staff members are made aware of their obligations to keep the information for authorised use only. 

In order to run your holiday efficiently and to make sure that you get the service that you expect, we will need to share your personal information, such as name, age, gender, passport details, dietary and other preferences relating directly to the holiday and the third-party suppliers and service providers, such as airlines, hotels, teahouses, hospitals and other suppliers. Your personal information will be used for the purpose of providing you with our travel services and holiday logistics. The third parties have their own privacy policies and we do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies.  

We share Personal Information such as name, gender and passport details with government agencies and departments who are authorised to issue and regulate your trekking permits and your regional entrance permissions.  

We have a legal duty to share Personal Information with governmental agencies or other authorised regulating or investigating offices or third parties, only when, we are permitted or required by law to do so, or if this is necessary to protect our or your rights, property, or safety and/or those of others.  

We will not sell, transfer, share, or otherwise permit access to your Personal Information with any third parties other than as described in this Policy. 

Retention of Personal Information 

We use Personal Information which has voluntarily been provided to Trekalayan DestinAsians, in ways the individual would reasonably expect and which have a minimal privacy impact, for the purpose of organising holidays, client’s travel arrangements, ensuring individual safety and security whilst travelling and incident/accident management. We will keep your information for limited and appropriate periods of time as applicable to our purpose of processing Personal Information. Email correspondence containing Personal Information is regularly deleted, and only name, email address and name of trip attended are kept for future correspondences. 

Links with Third-party websites and services 

On our marketing materials and website, you may see references or links to and from third parties’ websites which are unrelated to Trekalayan DestinAsians. If you follow a link to any of these websites, please note that these websites have their own privacy policies and that we do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies. Please check these policies before you submit any personal data to these websites.   

What rights and objections does the data subject have? 

You have the right to ask how we have compiled Personal Information and be informed about the data we hold, and rectify any inaccuracies about their personal information. You have the rights to request that we stop using your Personal Information for any purpose. We will respect your rights to object to the use of your personal information, and you are entitled to have your data erased upon request from direct marketing activities and can unsubscribe from emails and newsletters. 

Changes to our policy 

Kindly take note that we reserve the right to modify/change this privacy policy at any time and in our sole discretion. In the event that that Policy is changed the new policy will be made available on our website.  

How can you contact us or raise a complaint? 

We are very keen to hear from you, including if you have any questions, concerns, comments, requests or complaints regarding this privacy policy, our website and/or use of your personal information. You may contact us by e-mailing to [email protected], or contact us: 

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